lunes, 14 de octubre de 2019

The New Family Member

The New Family Member
Betty was nervous.  Finally the day had arrived.  So many years of wishing for a companion, a brother, a sister, was finally here.  They both sat at the window.  In silence, there were no need for words, each new the others heart.  And it´s not that Betty didn´t love Sandra, it was just the loneliness of being different, of something missing.
They heard the car in the drive but they did not move from their place.  They kept quiet and waited.  Dad got out of the car, opening the back seat, bent down and retrieved a bundle from it.  He held it tenderly in his arms and then he looked up and spied them there watching him.  He smiled and walked towards the house.
Betty and Sandra were waiting for him when he opened the door.  But they were still quiet.  Dad bent down on one knee and looking at Betty said gently.   “Hey girl… here she is.”  Betty came slowly forward and put her cold nose in to the bundle, whining softly.  Sandra could see a tiny dog, brown and sad looking.  She was shaking terribly she was so scared.  Sandra took the bundle from her father’s hands and softly unfolded the dog from it setting her on the floor.  The puppy shaked herself vigorously and looked at Betty who now could not stop moving her tail in happiness.  The little thing barked softly, as in recognition, of knowing that she had found not only a home but a mother too.
Betty and Sandra looked at each other and smiled.  Life was good.

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